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 Laptop computers are portable.
The WebTablet is portable AND mobile!

The WebTablet wireless web-based digital tablet provides mobility not offered by laptop computers. The combination of a NSC Geode™ processor, MSFT WinCE 3.0 OS, IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN and together with Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP client/server computing protocols offers an optimal solution for network connectivity and information access.
The WebTablet is designed for a wide range of applications where mobility is required. It supports a range of peripheral devices to meet the usage requirements of both the business and casual user. Users are offered performance and experience superior to a PDA and ease-of-use over laptop computers.  

The WebTablet is user-configurable to operate as an Internet/Intranet access device or as a thin client solution for client/server computing.  In all cases, the WebTablet features easy and straightforward means for set up in properties and communications. 

The system offers access to server and web-based business applications, e-mail and full-featured web page displays. The basic software is enhanced by a comprehensive layer of applications and features – IE browser, Terminal emulation, Information management and synchronization utilities, device management, among others – to result in a compelling business tool for wireless and mobile connectivity to the Internet and Intranet.

The WebTablet offers a bright 8.4" TFT-LCD screen that boasts a high 800 x 600 (SVGA) resolution, as well as a choice of wireless environments.  The 802.11b wireless LAN solution is applicable for home, office and campus usage.

A CompactFlash™ card slot offers local data and application access. A USB port supports external keyboards/pointing devices to augment the integrated touch keyboard, and printers to add local printing to networked printing capability. These features, and the accompanying user experience, are offered in an attractive and ergonomically impressive 2.3-pound package.





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