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802.11(b) DSSS Standard

For a variety of reasons, AirBlaster recommends wireless LAN equipment that is based on the 802.11(b) DSSS standard. This has become the de facto standard in office applications, and a host of companies are producing equipment based on this. While there are many companies offering 802.11(b) DSSS compliant equipment, we feel that three companies stand out above the rest, Cisco Systems, Linksys and SMC. 

AirBlaster offers equipment sales and installation services separately. If you want to buy the equipment and install it yourself, we'll be glad to ship it to you. We also offer installation services if you desire a turnkey, no-hassle way to launch your wireless network. Either way, just give us a call at 1-877-977-5678.


For larger companies needing a variety of features, we highly recommend the Cisco 350 Series wireless system. This system provides the ultimate degree of flexibility and can be configured to meet almost any need. The 350 Series is a top of the line package backed by a world class company. Because of its many unique features, however, this system should be configured and installed by a qualified technician based upon a needs analysis, a site survey and a final design plan. Key features include:


bulletSupport for inline power over Ethernet, simplifying and reducing the cost of installation
bulletHigh-performance 100 Milliwatt (mW) radio design, with power management capabilities
bulletUser-level, per session encryption capability
If you need a top of the line wireless network, please call us for a no-obligation quote based on your specific situation. 


The Linksys Wireless Access Point plus Cable/DSL Router provides a complete wireless network in a single device. It acts as a DHCP server and provides a NAT firewall against outside Internet intruders and includes a built-in 10/100 4-Port Ethernet switch. Offers 128-bit WEP encryption, MAC filtering and supports IPSec pass through and PPTP. Can be used to block specific internal users' Internet access with filtering settings.


Get the power of a 100 mW radio at a bargain price. Awarded PC Magazine Editor's Choice in May, 2002. "for its extremely easy setup, reasonable performance, and bargain price." The Linksys WAP11 v2.2 Access Point provides 128-bit encryption, MAC address filtering, IP filtering and many more features. WiFi certified to work with any other 802.11b certified equipment.


The Linksys Wireless Print Server provides an easy solution for wireless printing. Place a printer anywhere in range of your wireless network using this device. Compatible with virtually all printers and major operating systems.


The Instant Wireless Network PC Card Version 3 now has a new higher powered antenna that provides greater ranges than ever. The increased sensitivity helps filter out interference and “noise” to keep your signal clear. Improved error correction in the chipset keeps you operating at higher transmission rates for longer distances. 


Experience the ultimate portability with a wireless connection to your Personal Digital Assistant. This Type II CompactFlash card connects directly to your PDA—just plug it in and you’re ready to share data, printers, or high speed Internet access over your existing wireless network. User-friendly software makes it simple to set up.


For home and small office use, we recommend equipment made by SMC. The Barricade Wireless Broadband Router is a packaged product offering multiple capabilities in one device. 


It was designed primarily as a way to share a high speed DSL or cable modem service among a number of users. This is an "all-in-one" product, perfect for most every home user. It features a 3-port 10/100 Mbps dual-speed switch and incorporates a built-in print server, a serial port, and a DHCP server providing NAT firewall security for protection against intruders. It provides 64-bit or 128-bit encryption and has a maximum range of 1,000 feet. Specifications

This Access Point was designed for home and small office applications and acts as a bridge between an existing wired LAN and the wireless clients. It features plug-and-play installation with capability to serve up to 64 wireless users. Has a maximum range of 1,800 feet. 


Uses 64-bit or 129-bit encryption and offers MAC address filtering. Optional Power Over Ethernet capability that lowers installation costs. Specifications

Designed to bridge two or more LAN's located in different buildings in a Point-to-Point configuration, this device can also function as an Access Point for Point-to-Multipoint applications. Remote sites up to 9 miles away can be connected using high gain antennas. 


It will support up up to 1,024 users and has 64 bit or 128 bit encryption. Additional security is available through a built-in MAC filtering configuration.   Specifications

For USB-enabled desktop PC's where ease of installation is desired, SMC provides a USB Adapter model. With this device, there is no need to open the computer and insert a PCI card. Has an operating range of 1,800 feet. Includes 128 bit encryption. Specifications


Used in Laptop computers, this PCMCIA card easily slides in and out for quick connectivity to the wired LAN through an Access Point. Offers "Plug-and-Play" configuration. Includes a built-in antenna and 64-bit or 128-bit encryption.  


In a peer-to-peer configuration, one wireless card is needed for each notebook, and no Access Point is required. Has an operating range of 1,500 feet. Specifications

The PCI Adapter is used in desktop PC's with an available PCI slot. Includes a built-in antenna and 64-bit or 128-bit encryption. Connects to the wired LAN through the Access Point. 


In a peer-to-peer configuration, one wireless card is needed for each PC, and no Access Point is required. Has an operating range of 1,500 feet. Specifications


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