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Wireless LAN's Mean Business

Wireless LAN's are a very effective way to connect PC's. They are easy to install and scale quickly, making a wireless network a dynamic system that is no longer tied down by wires. Moves, additions and changes are easy to implement. A freestanding wireless LAN provides flexibility that cannot be achieved with a wired network. Smaller organizations may find that a wireless network can take the place of a wired network. Larger organizations typically use a wireless LAN as an overlay network to their existing wired LAN. It becomes an enhancement network not a replacement network.

 Wireless networks expand quickly and reduce the cost of setting up and maintaining a LAN:


Whole office moves can be accomplished quickly; just take your system with you. 


Add new workstations within minutes. No need to contract with a wiring company to install Ethernet cabling just to add new users. 


Share fast Internet connections where they are needed. Bring the computers to the employees, not the employees to the computers. 


Laptops are meant to be mobile and portable. A wireless connection leverages the primary reason for having laptops.


The cost of building a network in an old or historic building is oftentimes less for a wireless network. 


Laptop users can form Ad Hoc networks among themselves, even when traveling on the road. 

Wireless networks can also be set up as bridges to connect buildings to other buildings. In a campus environment, these links may be just a few hundred feet away. Wireless bridges can also be designed to link buildings at distances of 10 to 15 miles or more. Because these links use license-free microwave spectrum, the costs of establishing a wireless bridge is typically far less than that spent on Frame Relay or T-1 lines.


 Go Wireless And Untangle The Mess.

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