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Wireless Is A Simple Way
To Establish A Home Network 

The demand for home networks has increased dramatically, fueled by the growth of multi-PC homes and broadband Internet connections. The biggest obstacle to establishing home networks, however, is usually laying Category 5, Ethernet wiring. Homes typically do not have drop ceilings or easily accessible conduits. Therefore, the quickest and easiest way to establish a home network is with wireless technology. We believe that this technology offers the best value for typical home applications. AirBlaster is focused on providing wireless networks, an easy-to-install, no-hassle way to connect multiple PC's in the home. 

A wireless home network has many advantages:


A wireless system can be used to share a cable, DSL or other high speed connection.


No need to pull wires through walls or ceilings.


With a wireless system, laptop users can roam anywhere within the coverage area.


A wireless LAN is an easy way to share files and printers.


Take To The Air With A Wireless Home Network


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